In Tibet, Buddhist monks sometimes make intricate mandalas with grains of sand, beautiful in color and carefully precise. The result is extraordinary, wonderful to behold. But upon completion, the monks wipe the slate clean as a practice in impermanence. Well, the work of Hungarian pastry chef and artist Judit Czinkne Poor is similar to this Tibetan practice.

The cookie is her canvas, the frosting her paint, and her brushes are those neat frosting tubes. Some of cookies feature frosting floral designs bursting with beautiful colors set amidst ornate embroidery, and they are a real treat to gaze upon. Her impressive artistic repertoire also extends to other objects such as a playfully smitten cat laying on his back with claws out. With these works of art, one ultimately runs up against the same lessons of impermanence that the Tibetan monks practice. However, the disappearing of Poor’s art is bitter-sweet; one can compensate for the loss of beauty with the satisfaction of the tasty cookie.

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