We tend to think of wildlife photography as breathtaking, beautiful, and majestic—and all of that can be true! However, not all animals are as photogenic as the ones on the cover of National Geographic, and they certainly deserve to be recognized.

Our beloved household pets are often the subjects of our own photographs—and they are often also proof that not every animal has “star quality.” In fact, our pets take some of the most awkward pictures you could ever imagine!

Case in point: these 48 photos caught pets at some of their weirdest moments, and they couldn’t be more hilarious. Take a look for yourself!

1. “I’m ready for my close up!” It’s hard to tell if this dog is impersonating the woman behind him or she is impersonating him. Either way, everyone can agree that the end result is just as hilarious… as it is vaguely unsettling.

2. “What glass door?” It is impossible to pinpoint what, exactly, is happening inside of this house that has this husky so bug-eyed, but suffice it to say that it’s probably got something to do with a nice juicy beef roast coming out of the oven.

3. Human beings aren’t the only ones who worry about someone capturing their “bad side.” This dog might be very cute, but thanks to this photo, you’ll never know. He barely looks canine anymore!

4. “It’s hot!” It’s clear that his pup is suffering in the sun and relishing all of the sweet cold water being doused on him thanks to the sprinklers. He probably didn’t know that he would wind up looking like a swimsuit model, though!

5. “Don’t look at me…!” While not a lot of research has really been done on the effects of catnip on cats, this photo definitely reveals that indulging in a little too much nip can leave even the toughest kitty with a hangover.

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