When one Australian animal rescue worker received a call about a kangaroo that had been hit and was lying on the side of the road, she rushed to the scene to try and save the injured animal.

Unfortunately, by the time the kangaroo was discovered and rescuer Melanie Fraser arrived, there was no hope of saving the suffering animal, which died shortly after from her injuries. Before leaving, Fraser, a rescue worker with Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network and Wildlife Victoria, decided to quickly check the kangaroo’s pouch.

Photo by Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network

As Fraser looked inside the animal’s pouch, a tiny pink arm poked out. Miraculously, the months-old joey hadn’t been injured in the car accident so Fraser scooped the baby, who she named Dawson, out and brought him to wildlife rehabilitation worker Christine Gilmore.

Photo by Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network

“Had he been left much longer, ants or the elements would have eventually killed him,” Fraser said. Since Dawson was rescued, Gilmore has been working around the clock to feed and nurture him. “I am now his mum,” Gilmore said. However, there are some things even Gilmore can’t do for Dawson, like provide companionship, which is why she paired him with another orphaned baby kangaroo named Nelson. “Nelson is a little bigger than him, and they will grow together and be released together,” Gilmore said.


Photo by Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network

“He is doing great, and this morning, one of his eyes opened,” Gilmore said. Dawson will need to spend about two years with his human carer, but will then be released back into the wild when he’s ready. “He will eventually be introduced into his own little mob of orphans, including the one he is currently buddied up with,” Fraser said. “Slowly, he will have less and less interaction with his carer until he is deemed to be a wild kangaroo who is capable of surviving without human intervention.”

Watch the entire video below to see the moment this rescuer realized there was something inside the kangaroo’s pouch.

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[Featured image: Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network] Source