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In Asia, consuming puppies and cats is legal, but many humans there are changing their views on this controversial issue. Taiwan is now the first Asian united states of america to make it an reliable regulation that puppies and cats can’t be slaughtered and offered for humans to eat.

This is phase of new animal protection laws that have been growing in the us of a for the final few years. It commenced in 2001, with Taiwan banning the sale of any pets for the motive of meat or fur. Now in 2017, they’ve made it a crook act to deliberately damage any animals or be concerned with the killing of pets, with fines between $1,500 to $65,000 and up to 5 years in prison. This is due to the growing outrage that human beings committing animal cruelty have been no longer being punished enough to discourage them. Along with these fines and jail sentences, human beings breaking these laws will additionally be publicly shamed. Their pictures will be introduced to a special website, consisting of their names and crook history.

This is high-quality news for the growing animal rights movement in Asia! Hopefully, it inspires extra trade in other Asian countries to undertake comparable legal guidelines and protect pets from abuse and exploitation.

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Abandoned German Shepherd Who Had Given Up on Life Makes an Astonishing Recovery

When I got here across a before-and-after image of Frannie in a comment thread, I knew I had to locate out extra about her. two So Eric Holliday, one of her rescuers, sent me the full story…

St. Francis (Frannie) was first mentioned to our team – Val’s Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue – two by means of some other rescue named Forgotten Dogs of fifth Ward (in Houston). They are a group who has volunteers go into the 5th Ward place and feed the great number of homeless dogs. We were alerted to her on the night of Wednesday, December 16th. The character who noticed her noticed her eating on the carcass of any other useless animal.

Sam Arkey [and myself] went out to the final pronounced siting area on the morning of December 17th. We walked up and down the streets trying to find her when we had all however given up and started out strolling returned to our cars. Sam subsequently noticed her curled up in search of safe haven in a pile of brush. She used to be barely seen and I commented to Sam, “that’s not a dog, it’s simply some branches,” however it used to be her.

We made our way over to her. Normally you strategy a stray with caution, however it used to be clear she had all but given up. She wasn’t going anywhere and posed no danger to us. The terrible woman used to be barely protecting on. We positioned a leash round her, tried to coax her up and out, however she didn’t go much, leaving me to pick her up and raise her. I nonetheless take into account pulling a leaf off her cheek and blood started out to drip. It had grew to become bloodless that day with freezing temperatures expected, and we have no doubt had she not been observed that day, she would no longer have made it via the night.

We right now took her to Vergi 24/7 in Houston, an extraordinary ER veterinary clinic. Our group focuses on medical cases and Vergi is who we have confidence with all our cases. She used to be straight away evaluated. Weighing barely 23 pounds, she was once first estimated to be between 6-9 months old, but that estimate was later revised to between 2 and 3 years old. At the 2-3 range, she have to have been in the 70-pound range. Her situation was once critical, emaciated worse than any of us or the group of workers had ever witnessed.

The largest fitness subject was once from the starvation and fending off re-feeding syndrome. She used to be additionally anemic and required typical blood attracts to maintain close tabs on her electrolytes, blood glucose, and protein as vitamins and minerals have been reintroduced to her system. She was placed on IV fluids and fed very small meals each and every two hours. We anticipated her to remain below ICU care for weeks. There have been ups and downs along the way. At one point, the body of workers at Vergi didn’t suppose she was going to make it. Our group scheduled a prayer vigil and candle lights for the evening of Dec 22nd. They were actually answered because made a brilliant turnaround.

She went into her first clinical foster domestic on December 23rd. She spent a week in the care of Jill Washburn. Jill needed to keep a close eye on Frannie and feed her small meals each 4 hours. She also needed to take her to the vet every couple of days for blood draws. Still maintaining close tabs on electrolytes, blood glucose, and protein. When we had been in a position to feed larger ingredients each six hours, she was moved into a longer time period medical foster home with Amy Boram Wilson. Amy continued the care and everyday trips to the vet’s office for checkups. Amy and Jill gave Frannie all the love and care she by no means knew before. They are the real heroes in Frannie’s tail. Without fosters who take in these dogs and offer them love, compassion, and care, no rescue group like ours should shop a single animal.

Frannie was once adopted into her furever domestic on February, 27th via Jack and Jan Long. We normally require three conferences between the dog and prospective family. Amy informed us upon the first meeting that Jack and Jan had been a best healthy for Frannie. They have proven to be that and so an awful lot more. Jack says her lifestyles on the streets nonetheless has an effect on her today. She’s leery of new things till they reassure her matters are good enough and she’s a very opportunistic eater. She is a little energizer bunny – she will run and play all day.

They recently adopted some other rescue dog. Frannie now has the mom and dad she never had and a brother. Her lifestyles is perfect. It is hard to accept as true with seeing her these days and understanding it’s barely 7 months seeing that she was once a mere skeleton on death’s door. St. Francis, her namesake, truly regarded after her. The 5th Ward vicinity is a slum area known to be a dumping ground for dogs no longer wanted. Frannie used to be probably one of these dogs. We will by no means be aware of who was once accountable for her condition, however we be aware of the many who came to her aid and supplied her a hand.

If you would like to make positive that Val’s Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue is able to continue saving the lives of desperate puppies like Frannie, please CLICK HERE to donate.

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Puppy’s muzzle was badly taped shut, she almost died, however now loves her new domestic

Caitlyn is a younger dog who was discovered with her muzzle taped shut so tightly that it almost killed her. One year after she was once rescued, she grew to become the center of attention of a sequence of fundraisers to assist injured and abused animals. She has now found a loving continuously household who takes care of her.

Caitlyn, a pit bull mix used to be found on a man’s porch when she was once just 15 months old. According to ABC affiliate WCIV, when the South Carolina man determined her with her muzzle taped shut, and tongue hanging out of her mound, he at once known as 9-1-1.

“I have a canine that’s right here at my residence that I determined and the dog’s mouth is taped shut with electrical tape, tongue putting out its mouth, bleeding, and his tongue is definitely black,” he instructed the operator. “I simply don’t know what to do.”

Caitlyn a pit bull mix used to be observed on a porch with her muzzle taped shut.

Right away, the dog was once taken to Charleston Animal Society, the place she acquired instant scientific treatment. The pooch reportedly screamed in ache when the tape used to be removed.

“To go away this canine in pain, unable to eat or drink, and to now go away her in the role the place her life is at stake due to the fact she may additionally lose her tongue is heartbreaking,” Aldwin Roman of the CAS informed ABC news.

The pooch reportedly screamed in suffering when the tape used to be removed.

Caitlyn required surgery to restore her badly torn cheek, and laser surgery for scaring. She additionally received hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Additional operations have been required to repair a broken salivary gland, and to hold her tongue tissue.

The negative lady used to be nursed lower back to fitness at Charleston Animal Society.

Caitlyn required surgical operation to repair her badly torn cheek, and laser surgical treatment for scaring.
Treatment: Caitlyn is considered lying down subsequent to a employee from the Charleston Animal Society; over the weekend she underwent hyperbaric and cold laser cure to store broken tissue in her mouth

The CAS geared up a fundraiser in order to cowl the expenses of Caitlyn’s surgery, and thru nice media promotion they added in over $150,000—more than ample to cover her treatments. Leftover cash was once used to assist the other animals below CAS care.

Caitlyn helped the Charleston Animal Society to raise almost $400,000 for injured or abused animals.

This was once just the establishing of Caitlyn’s contribution to the cause of animal abuse. She also stimulated cities all throughout the us of a to purpose towards implementing harsher punishments on animal abusers. She additionally related with singer/actor Rick Springfield and Food Network chef Alton Brown.

The pooch used to be additionally featured in the Charleston Firefighters’ 2016 and 2017 calendar shoots.

©Charleston Animal Society

She participated in another CAS fundraiser for their ‘Lowcountry Giving Day’, which brought in $160,000; and but another fundraiser in her title called, “Caitlyn’s Anti-Cruelty Fund’s Gala’, which raised a in addition $75,000. Besides that, she used to be additionally featured on journal covers, and even in the Charleston Firefighters’ 2016 and 2017 calendar shoots.

Now Caitlyn loves snuggling with her new canines foster siblings.

©Charleston Animal Society

She thankfully now has a true home with a new continuously family. She enjoys going for 5-mile runs with her mom, and she loves snuggling with her new canines foster siblings as well.

She additionally has a suitable home with a new continuously family.

©Charleston Animal Society

Beautiful bride in tears as she bids farewell to her faithful, charming dog

Dogs are our first-class buddies! The unwavering loyalty, affection and feel of belongingness they share with us makes them irreplaceable in our households and our hearts. 

They stay in the current moment, cheer us up with their stupid antics, and greet us with the identical enthusiasm each day while waiting for nothing in return. Their presence in our life is constantly memorable!

A recent photograph long gone viral of a bride bidding farewell to her canine can make us nostalgic of our personal treasured memories with our canine friends. It was once shared on Instragram.

As the distinctly bride was ferried off in her wedding car, her canine leaned faithfully against the automobile door, peeked through the window and reached out to her in an emotional goodbye.

The bride gave her canine a hug and a pat on the head earlier than her auto vanished from the points of interest of her tail-wagging friend.

Heartwarming testimonies of puppies and doggies rescuing and protecting their proprietors have been narrated on the grounds that centuries in folks lore, children’s testimonies and information insurance all over the world.

If archaeological documents were anything to go by, our canines friends started to be domesticated more than 14,000 years ago.

Growing up and living with dogs, many of us would have felt heart-broken when we have been separated from them – especially when they had handed away, or for reasons unbeknownst, decided to go to some remote places and would never return. This bride’s story is in all likelihood everyone’s story in some way!

This lonely canine used to be slowly turning to stone living on the streets, however a form female saved her from positive doom!

Living on the streets ultimately takes its toll. This abandoned canine lost all the fur on her face—leaving her pores and skin with a stone-like appearance.

Petra, which is Greek for stone, knows the perils of dwelling on the streets all too well. Without a home and love, animals are susceptible to diseases that could have been prevented or cured. Over time, they grow to be mere shadows of themselves, slinking away, lonely, hurt, and tired.

Thankfully, a kindhearted Greek girl spotted Petra, and noticing her bad kingdom the female lovingly took the dog in, patiently treating her wounds to relieve her suffering.

©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray

She was so emaciated that she looked like a she used to be about to die

©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray

She snapped a photograph and shared it on Facebook, hoping the right people would word and assist her furnish the ability needed to assist this animal.

©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray

Petra, after years of living on the streets, used to be scared of all people who approached her.

                                                                               ©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray 

They had been moved to tears but weren’t going to supply up that easily, now not when they knew they may want to help the terrible animal.

©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray 

Once Petra was once delivered in, she used to be dealt with for chronic mange.

©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray 

Petra grew a brand new coat, however she was still frightened of people.

©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray 

Time heals all wounds, and as she gained have confidence in her rescuers, she grew to become a blissful canine with a lot of love to give.

©Facebook | Save a Greek Stray 

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See Hero Dogs Defend Family From Giant King Cobra

In an extraordinary video, a family’s pet puppies go above and past to shield their owners from a deadly cobra. 

The 4 dogs circle the 8.2ft lengthy venomous snake after it slithered into their garden in Phitsanoluk, Thailand. 

Nipping at the cobra with their teeth, you hear a girl yelling out guidelines to the puppies in the background, and commanding her dogs to hold the cobra away from the snake. 


While luckily, none of the 4 dogs were hurt, this was a very unsafe situation for all of us involved. 

This type of deadly cobra has a popularity throughout southeast Asia and India, and they are recognized to grow up to 18.8ft long. A single chew from the snake can be fatal if it’s now not treated without delay with the correct anti-venom, and the woman heard in the video knew how lethal this scenario could have been. 


Since she’s used to dealing with lethal intruders, she used to be organized to rush her defensive dogs to a veterinary sanatorium right now if they had been attacked by way of the snake. 

According to the Mirror, “King cobras tend to keep away from human beings and prey on other snakes, lizards, and rodents.”

Watch this insane video below:

Has your pet ever protected you from a unsafe situation?

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Brave Man Risks Jail Time To Save A Dying Baby Bear

When a man named Corey Hancock was trekking on the Santiam River Trail recently, he spotted a child undergo in determined need of help. 

Hancock, who is a photographer, recounts the incident on his Facebook page, the place he explains that it started raining that day at some point of his hike when he noticed the undergo cub two feet off the trail. 

“Laying there on his back, seeming via all appearances to be dead,” wrote Hancock. “His lips were blue. His eyes were open however unmoving and hazy. The rain was pouring down, drenching his belly. I may have considered a shallow breath.”

Credit: Corey Hancock/Facebook

Recalling passing by using this equal trail an hour before, Hancock knew the cub wasn’t there earlier, so he feared the bear’s mom might not be far away. Assuming he might also be attacked at any moment, he took a speedy photograph of the dying cub and retreated a brief distance down-slope towards a cliff-edge overlooking the river. “I remembered hearing someplace that bears don’t pass as nicely going downhill. Any benefit I could get, I used to be taking,” Hancock wrote. 

From Hancock’s role by way of the cliff, he watched the cub and scanned the location for any sight or sound of other animals. Minutes passed, and he watched the tiny bear’s arm twitch a couple of times, indicating that he used to be alive. He knew he couldn’t survive tons longer underneath these conditions, and he wasn’t going to stand there and watch the cub die in the rain. 

Credit: Corey Hancock/Facebook

So, putting his very own lifestyles at risk, Hancock rushed to the cub and wrapped him up like a infant in his flannel shirt. “Finally, with this bundle of undergo cub in one arm, I took off running toward the trailhead and my waiting vehicle,” he wrote. The complete time, he feared a raging mother undergo would come after him, as black bears can scent people from 500 yards away. Finally, Hancock reached his automobile and he took the cub out of his stuff-sack and examined him on the passenger’s seat. 

He snapped a photograph of the bear and uploaded it onto his Facebook, asking for assist on the place to take the loss of life infant bear. Hancock performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him, and via this time, his Facebook put up used to be getting attention.

“The subsequent advice I received used to be to convey the cub to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, where they had a worker who lived on-site. I phoned and, positive enough, Mary was once organized to greet us and admit the undergo when we arrived. I gave him the identify Elkhorn, which refers to the region the place I located him,” Hancock wrote. 

Credit: Corey Hancock/Facebook

Mary may want to see right away Elkhorn was once close to death. He used to be starving and dehydrated, so Mary put Elkhorn on a heating pad and injected him with electrolyte fluids. “The next morning, another Turtle Ridge worker, named Charles, phoned to let me comprehend that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife had contacted him, and were on their way to pick up the cub,” wrote Hancock. 

Apparently, Hancock may want to have been fined $6,000 for assisting the bear, or even worse- sent off to reformatory for a year. Luckily, this kind-hearted man was once no longer punished and used to be able to see Elkhorn temporarily earlier than he was once taken away. 

Credit: Corey Hancock/Facebook

“For now, the ODFW is taking correct care of him in his recovery. They’re restricting Elkhorn from human contact, as much as possible, which includes visits from the press. That way, the probabilities of him imprinting on any of us will be minimal. 

Meanwhile, they’re exploring his options. Perhaps, thru the sharing of this story, any one out there who’s concerned in one of the better sanctuaries, or who has full-size expertise in re-wilding black undergo cubs, will offer Elkhorn an invitation,” Hancock wrote. 

We are so completely satisfied that Hancock actually risked his very own life to store this dying infant endure because, in the end, he wound up saving the bear’s life. 

Credit: Corey Hancock/Facebook
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Horse vs. alligator is the fight for the ages we’ve all been ready for

The most hyped prizefight of the century was a huge disappointment. For years all people clamored for Floyd Mayweather to combat Manny Pacquiao, and the resultant match—a clear money snatch where the two tepidly sparred at each other for 12 rounds—left viewers feeling frustrated and cheated.

Perhaps it was the construct up. Our expectations were way too high.

But I guarantee, if you were to lease ‘Horse vs. Gator’ on Pay Per View, you will no longer go to bed upset.

Because seem at this teaser trailer for the subsequent great war between heavyweights.

The clip used to be caught on digicam through Krystal Berry at Paynes Prarie Preserve State Park in central Florida.

No one genuinely is aware of what set off the horse adequate to just stomp that gator, however inform me you aren’t already hyped to watch the full thing.

Honestly, I nearly always choose gators in conditions like this—because they’re gators—but after this, my money is on horse.

Teen Saves The Life Of Cat Thrown Out Of Window On Highway

Erin Brown used to be using her son to a birthday on February 12th, when a shifting car in advance threw a cat out of the window. 

Erin and her 14-year-old son Gavin gasped for breath, and Erin slammed on the breaks. At that moment, Gavin jumped out of the vehicle and signaled to oncoming traffic to stop. Erin observed the bad cat scrambling all over the dual carriageway before he ran straight to the part of the overpass, about to jump off. 

Gavin slowed down visitors simply in time to trap the cat proper as he leaped from the bridge. “Not sure which I’m in extra shock of, the cat being thrown out a window of a shifting vehicle on 196 or my son flying out of my car onto the highway and diving into an overpass to rescue a cat,” Erin shares.

Credit: LoveMeow

The cat cuddled up to Gavin and clung to him for expensive life. Gavin named him Lucky and took him to BluePearl Animal Hospital to be handled for his injuries. His nails had been torn off from attempting to grip the pavement and he had bruises all over. 

The entire time Lucky was receiving medical care, Gavin stayed right through his side, doing whatever he may want to to make positive Lucky felt safe. If you already assume this story has a joyful ending, it solely receives better. After all that Lucky has long past through, a sort samaritan offered to pay for a majority of Lucky’s medical expenses. Gavin then spent the little money he had to make contributions to the ultimate bill. 

Credit: LoveMeow
“My coronary heart just swelled with gratitude,” Erin said. And, we’re all sure, with pleasure at having raised a son who is truely one-of-a-kind.

Lucky is nonetheless getting better at his new domestic and is starting to get over the trauma and mistreatment he experienced. “[Lucky] is so some distance the sweetest cat I have ever met! He is so mellow and playful and simply undeniable loveable,” stated Erin. “Lucky is properly conscious that Gavin saved him and their bond is one I just can’t describe.”

Credit: LoveMeow
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Student Saves Pug That Was Swallowed Up By 30-Foot Sinkhole

Sinkholes are a terrifying herbal disaster. At any moment, cars, people, animals, and even complete properties can be swallowed up into the earth the place there was once solid ground.

After a day of heavy rain, the floor on a family farm became so saturated with water. When the Florida family’s pug named Cookie took one step on it the subsequent day, on April 5, the floor all of sudden collapsed beneath her feet and swallowed her up completely.

Photo through Facebook/University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
As quickly as Cookie’s owners realized what happened, they referred to as the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office, who then contacted the UF’s Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service. The college students and workforce teamed up with the Gilchrist County Fire Rescue, the Fanning Springs Fire Rescue, and the Trenton Fire Department and right away got to work rescuing the animal.

Photo through Facebook/University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
For five hours, the crew worked to dig Cookie out from the floor and then subsequently reduced Jennifer Groover, a brave veterinary pupil into the 30-foot sinkhole. Once at the bottom, she scooped Cookie up, and the dog, who used to be miraculously unharmed, was once safely pulled again up to safety.

Photo by way of Facebook/University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
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Legends Climb Into Massive Sinkhole And Salvage What Was Swallowed Whole

A run of the mill Sunday in San Antonio swung to disaster when the ground opened up and gulped down two autos.

The occurrence, which happened mid-evening, was likely impacted by a crack in a sewage line, as per My San Antonio.


There was one casualty of the occurrence, Dora Linda (Solis) Nishihara, low maintenance BCSO appointee, whose auto was submerged in 12 feet of water, authorities said. Nishihara was by all account not the only disastrous soul to get sucked into the sinkhole. A man drove his auto into the gorge yet was luckily saved by a man and lady who lifted him out before experts touched base on the scene.


Monday evening, those experts attempted to pull the two autos out of the slice in the Earth. The endeavors were fruitful, which the fire boss called a "body recuperation" as opposed to a genuine save endeavor. The occurrence was furthermore called a "repulsive disaster" and all included are lamenting the passing of a group part.


Investigate the stunning video beneath. It's staggering what sort of disaster can be brought about by something as basic as disintegration.


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